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Miscellaneous Wars
 Mexican War



The Battle of San Jacinto, fought on April 21, 1836, in present day Harris County, Texas, was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texan Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna's Mexican army in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes. About 630 of the Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured, while on nine Texans died.

Santa Anna, the President of Mexico, was captured the following day and held as a prisoner of war. Three weeks later, he signed the peace treaty that dictated that the Mexican army leave the region, paving the way for the Republic of Texas to become an independent country. These treaties did not specifically recognize Texas as a sovereign nation, but stipulated that Santa Anna was to lobby for such recognition in Mexico City. Sam Houston became a national celebrity, and the Texans' rallying cries, "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!" became etched into Texas history and legend.

These crude cannonballs that were used by the Texan forces at San Jacinto were excavated in 1960 - 61 [see affidavit of provenance by the excavator]. Shot found in the 1960 - 61 excavations ranged from iron grape to 4# solid shot. Sam Houston's official report to David Burnet states that the artillery - 2 small field pieces known as the twin sisters, advanced within 200 yards of the enemy and fired grape and canister into their lines. Solid balls and grape and canister are included. In the reference "18 Minutes" a young blacksmith from San Selipe wrote his father that they melted down horse shoes and chain to make cannon shot. 11 total pieces were found by the excavator. The weights differ according to the metal cast. Most all had irregularities in the cast [flaws]. A well known Texas collector who is quite familiar with the San Jacinto site states multiple size shot from grape to 3' - 4# shot were found over the years. He states that the smaller 2# shot in this group could have come from small 2# guns that were quite common in missions, ships, and small forts as well as being fired in the Twin Sisters as multiple rounds - large canister shot. We have available the following solid shot from that site:  #1 - 3.0" 4.03..........SOLD     #2 - 3.0" 4.04..........SOLD       #3 - 2.75" 3.29............SOLD  #4 - 3.1" 3.0............SOLD under weight for size poor metal probably    #5 - 2.12" 2.65..........................SOLD (68mm)     #6 - 2.32" 2.25..................SOLD (62mm)               #7 - 2.60" 2.5..........SOLD (65mm)

2004 - FORT VELASCO, TEXAS, TEXAS INDEPENDENCE STARTED HERE, on June 26, 1832, when Texans under John Austin and Henry Smith came down river with cannon for use against Mexican forces at Anahuac. They ran against the resistance of Lt. Col. Domingo de Ugartechea. As commander of Mexican forces at Velasco, Ugartechea refused passage through the mouth of the Brazos River to the vessel bearing the cannon to Anahuac. Some 112 Texans attacked the port at midnight, and after 9 hours under the fire of Texas rifles and cannon, the Mexican garrison was forced to surrender. The Battle of Velasco, brought on by a customs quarrel at Anahuac, was unknowingly fought after the dispute at Anahuac had been peaceably settled. After the victory at San Jacinto 4 years later, President David G. Burnet moved the capital of the Republic of Texas temporarily to Velasco. Here the Treaty of Velasco, ending hostilities between Texas and Mexico, was signed on May 14, 1836. 69 Caliber musket balls c. 1836, excavated on the beach at Freeport, Texas [Fort Velasco]. [Note from finder included]. 6 available...........................................................$35.00/each


22805 - THE NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, TEXAS, WAR WITH MEXICO STARTS, 43 issues, still bound, published by Horace Greeley, folio edition, issues from July 19th, 1845 through May 9th, 1846. This important paper of the time published by Greeley advocated the freedom of slaves, women's rights, and the advance to the west. These issues cover an important part of US and Texas history dealing with the friction between the US and Mexico, Texas statehood, and the evolution of the actions in the war with Mexico after Polk's plan to buy the Mexican territories to the west failed. 43 still bound together issues, some foxing here and there but papers firm and crisp paper. The lot of 43.........................................$400.00


The paper that published the Mexican War news first! We have several Mexican War dated issues of the Daily Picayune of New Orleans that was published by George Kendall. George Wilkins Kendall, who founded the New Orleans Picayune in 1837, guided the newspaper for thirty years and built it into a powerful force in behalf of America's westward expansion. Kendall's vigorous editorials championed the cause of the infant Republic of Texas. When the Texas Santa Fe Expedition was organized in 1841, for the purpose of occupying New Mexico (then still under Mexican rule), Kendall left his editorial chair to participate - and was marched off to Mexico a captive for seven months when the expedition was overwhelmed at Santa Fe. A few years thereafter, when he accompanied American first war correspondent, reporting directly from the battlefront. His effective courier expresses brought the first news of each battle to an eager nation, including President Polk, who often read news of the war in Kendall's Picayune before hearing the same from his field commanders.

22806 - THE FIRST INFANTRY ARRIVES IN NEW ORLEANS VIA STEAMBOAT FROM ST. LOUIS ENROUTE TO MEXICO, ALABAMA TROOPS ON THE WAY ALSO, The Daily Picayune, May 9th, 1846. 4 page folio, article on Santa Anna's attempts on a revolution, troops near Vera Cruz, new of General Taylor's army at Vera Cruz, Alabama troops leave Mobile for the Mexican front, slave ads, fine condition, and early war issue.................................$45.00

22807 - NEWS FROM BRAZOS AND SANTIAGO, THE WAR SPIRIT AT MOBILE, The Daily Picayune, May 10th, 1846. 4 page folio, troops leaving for the Rio Grande, munitions leave New Orleans for the Rio Grande, mounted troops from Louisiana getting ready for combat, news from Brazos and Santiago in Mexico, fine, slave ads................................$45.00

22808 - GENERAL TAYLOR MOVES TOWARDS PORT ISABEL, The Daily Picayune, May 12th, 1846. 4 page folio, communications between Port Isabel and Matamoras cut, General Taylor heads to Port Isabel, he will cross the Rio Grande, news from the situation along the Rio Grande, slave ads included, fine.................................$49.00

22809 - GALLANT CAPTAIN WALKER OF THE TEXAS RANGERS WITHOUT A MOUNT, The Daily Picayune, May 13th, 1846. 4 page folio, news from General Taylor's army on the Rio Grande, Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers is dismounted, loses his horse, New Orleans ladies present banners to the departing troops, Louisiana units from Alexandria, LA. Prepare to leave for Mexico, slave ads, fine..........................................SOLD

22810 - REPORTS FROM GENERAL WOOL AT BUENA VISTA, MORE FROM MONTEREY, The Daily Picayune, November 27th, 1847, New Orleans. 4 page folio, a lengthy report from General Wool at Buena Vista about his operations there, reports from Monterey, fear of the Mexican people that when US troops leave they will be overrun by their own soldiers, slave ads, fine, old ink burn line no loss of paper, scarce late Mexican War issue...........................................$49.00

60705 - A FANTASTIC POLITICAL LETTER WRITTEN BY A TENNESSEE CONGRESSMAN TO HIS COUSIN THE FUTURE CONFEDERATE GENERAL BENJAMIN HILL OF TENNESSEE ON THE MEXICAN WAR, Washington City, March 11th, 1848, 4 - 8" X 10" pages in ink to his cousin Mr. Benjamin J. Hill by Tennessee Congressman Hugh L. W. Hill, a member of the 30th Congress. He relates in part, I have received your letter of the 18th of February, you seem to have your dander he describes the great struggle on the floor of the House to see who can get control of the floor. He states often there are 20 or 30 jumping to their feet at the same time jumping to their feet calling at the top of their voices, "Mr. Speaker" and when one obtains the floor an hour's speech is expected. Then most of the members go out and those who stay commence reading, writing, or conversing. The speech passes unheeded like the idle wind. He blames some of the situation on the poor hearing ability of the members in the chamber. The anti-war speeches have been answered again and again until the subject is stale. I reckon the whole country understands the course of the opposition. He describes the opinion in the country when we were at war in 1812. The opposition to Madison said the administration was cowardly. But when we were in the middle of the war they denounced it bitterly calling it a war brought on by James Madison, Felix Grundy, and the devil. But when peace was made they admitted it was a just war. Last night the Senate ratified THE TREATY OF PEACE WITH MEXICO THAT WHEN AGREED UPON BY MEXICO WILL TERMINATE THE WAR. Then all who have been condemning the war as Jim Polk's War brought on to gratify his ambition to continue to annex all Mexico will say it was the Nation's War forced on us by Mexico. They will rush forward claiming an equal share of the glory. He has introduced a bill to increase the pay of non-commissioned officers and soldiers engaged in the Mexican War by $10 per month. It has been read twice and refused by the military committee. He feels the anti-war sentiment still prevailing will kill that bill. The prospects of Presidential aspirants for both the Democrats and Whigs are rather changeable. Describes an incident that took place in the House yesterday between G. W. Jones and General Haralson (General Hugh A. Haralson-Georgia)...all regretted it! More on Washington affairs, he sends regards to Dr. Hill, notes that Benjamin Hill and Dr. Hill have become brothers in the Order of the Sons of Tennessee. A very interesting letter about the anti-war element in Congress from the War of 1812 through the Mexican War and about the dysfunctional Congress Hill was serving in 1848. Well written by Hill to a future Confederate General........................................SOLD

52801 - INCREDIBLE MEXICAN WAR LETTER BY COLONEL JOHN W. GEARY, LATER UNION GENERAL 1848 SAN ANGEL, MEXICO AS FIRST COMMANDER AT MEXICO CITY, 8" X 10" folded letter sheet. Two pages in ink, ALS by Colonel John White Geary, commanding officer of the 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment and at this time first Commander of Mexico City (after its capture following the Battles of Chapultepec, where he was twice wounded, and Belen gate) - both battles occurring on the same date, dated April 4th, 1848 from San Angel, Mexico (a part of Mexico City)...written and hand-carried to a lawyer friend back in Pennsylvania discussing the arrival of the newly ratified Treaty with Mexico and the prospects of it being accepted by the Mexican Congress...he also discussed the health and well being of the regiment under his command..."the health of my regiment has never been better...the members of Company B are well except Samuel Troxele, A. Topper, and John McNamara who are slightly indisposed" and the disposition of two dead soldier's bodies who died in Mexico..."the bodies of Harrison Henry and William Murphy are in my possession and are to be sent home...I have used every exertion to have them carefully coffined in zinc and I hope they will arrive safely at the Summit". Well written with some light soiling and wear. Geary was appointed first Postmaster of San Francisco by President Polk, first Mayor of San Francisco, later Governor of Kansas, later resigned due to his confrontations with pro-slavery groups, raised 68 companies from his home state of Pennsylvania and became Brig. General of the 28th PA. Rare Mexican War ALS as Colonel......................................SOLD

52701 - MEXICAN WAR 1846, CAMP NEAR VERA CRUZ, MEXICO, September 13th, 1847. Three page large letter to his Mother by Frank Wheeler in Philadelphia. Folded into a letter and addressed - straight line VERA CRUZ, black cork with cancellation stamp. 10 cents manuscript postage applied, noted received October 4th, 1847...he relates, we have arrived in August and have had a march to the National bridge which is about 35 miles from Vera Cruz...we escorted the train that took provisions to Colonel Huges' Battalion. When we arrived the soldiers were starved as their provisions had given out...the Colonel felt that there was soon to be a severe battle to take a fort that was on a high summit near the bridge, but when he arrived the guerillas surrendered...we had no tents on that march and slept on the ground in the rain each night...they are ready to leave for good on a march for the town of St. Ju about 17 miles away...glad to get away as it is hot here and people have the Yellow Fever...where we are going is in the mountains where it is perfectly healthy. He is writing on borrowed paper as everything is in a bustle as they prepare to leave in the morning, Frank Wheeler. An excellent letter upon his early arrival in Mexico, well written.............................$395.00

52702 - MEXICAN WAR 1846 - 48, JALAPA, MEXICO, February 21st, 1848. Two page letter to his Mother. He relates, mentions that John Stiles is being sent home due to poor health and will deliver this letter to the train in the morning...mentions that his letters must not be reaching home as he has sent several since January...mentions that his battalion is stationed there, tomorrow we will have a review of the troops in the city which number about 1200 men in memory of Washington's birth and the Battle of Buena Vista which was fought on this date last year - sending papers printed here outlining the treaty of Peace...hopes to be elected Captain of the Company, our old Captain has left for home on furlough, but had collected $500 due the Sutler and left for home with it - the Sutler is trying to extract it again from the men. Another Captain did a similar thing to his men, he is commanding the Company which left Vera Cruz with 80 men and have lost 30, four killed in action, two poisoned by Mexicans which is a common thing, and the rest died in hospitals. Jalapa was on the main road inland from Vera Cruz near the battlesite of Cerro Gordo. Well written by Frank Wheeler......................SOLD

52703 - MEXICAN WAR MUSKET BALLS, excavated from the site of the Battle of Buena Vista. American balls of various caliber. Uncommon.........................SOLD

















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