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Miscellaneous Wars
 Mexican War

1801 - MEXICAN WAR, A SURVEY OF THE MEXICAN LINES OF DEFENSES AT CERRO GORDO, THE LINES OF THE AMERICAN ATTACK UNDER MAJOR GENERAL SCOTT, APRIL 17/18, 1847, P.S. Duval, Philadelphia, 1848. 12.5" X 19" uncolored as issued. A large topographically printed map. Survey by Major Turnbull and Capt. McClellan. Drawn by Lt. Coppee. The Battle of Cerro Gordo, or Battle of Sierra Gordo, in the Mexican-American War saw Winfield Scott's United States troops out - flank and drive Santa Anna's larger Mexican army from a strong defensive position. Bright and fresh, no impairments worth mentioning. [This map is often found stained with ragged edges]..............................................SOLD

1803 - PLAN OF BATTLE OF BUENA VISTA, FEBRUARY 22/23RD, 1847, Surveyed by Capt. Linnard, Poke, and Franklin showing the battlefield of the BATTLE OF BUENA-VISTA, February 22 - 23, 1847, 17" X 21", showing the position of the American and Mexican armies, with a large legend in the lower corner left. Map by P.S. Duval, Philadelphia, 1847, folded as issued with no mentionable defects, bright and clean. The position of the MISSISSIPPI REGIMENTS, the artillery of 8 cannons., the Infantry and Cavalry, the light troops engaged in battle in the mountains, the KENTUCKY, INDIANA and ILLINOIS troop locations. Bragg's Battery, Sherman's Battery, the Arkansas and Kentucky Cavalry positions, etc. [On February 23, 1847, 14,000 Mexican troops charged General Zachary Taylor's small command of soldiers. Using heavy artillery, the general's 5,000 men turned back the Mexican army led by General Antonio Loped de Santa Anna. By nightfall, the Mexican army retreated, ending the Battle of Buena Vista, but not the Mexican-American War.] Great details........................................................SOLD

6026 - SEMINOLE WAR PENSION CERTIFICATE, 1892, the widow of William C. Hale who had served in Captain Minters Company, Alabama Volunteers was granted his pension for service in the Seminole War [1836 - 42]. The certificate that was issued to her along with the approval document, 8" X 10", large eagle masthead. Two items, very scarce Seminole War pension items. Very fine................................................................$45.00

11060 - BOMBARDMENT OF VERA CRUZ, [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. CURRIER, N[athaniel]. Bombardment of Vera Cruz, March 25th 1847; [below neat line] Lith. & Pub. by N. Currier, Entered according to the Act of Congress in the year 1847 by N. Currier, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the Southern District of N.Y., 152 Nassau St. Cor. of Spruce N.Y. [left of title] American Army under Genl. Scott 12,100; [right of title] American Loss 15 killed, 50 wounded; [text below title] The bombardment commenced on the 22nd of March at 4 1/4 o'clock P.M. and was incessant day and night until the morning of the 26th, at which time overtures were made by the enemy for a capitulation of the City and also of the Castle of San Juan de Ulloa (the Gibraltar of America) and the city...[below text at lower center] 458. Lithograph with original hand coloring (battle scene with "Old Rough & Ready" at left on his horse giving instructions to soldiers, one of whom is maneuvering a cannon toward the castle of San Juan de Ulua in the faint distance). Neat line to neat line. Moderate foxing, old mounts on verso, 10" X 13", edges trimmed but adequate borders, age tone to borders, original colors as many are modernly touched up. One of the scarcer prints of the Mexican War series by Currier.....................................................$200.00


22805 - THE NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, TEXAS, WAR WITH MEXICO STARTS, 43 issues, still bound, published by Horace Greeley, folio edition, issues from July 19th, 1845 through May 9th, 1846. This important paper of the time published by Greeley advocated the freedom of slaves, women's rights, and the advance to the west. These issues cover an important part of US and Texas history dealing with the friction between the US and Mexico, Texas statehood, and the evolution of the actions in the war with Mexico after Polk's plan to buy the Mexican territories to the west failed. 43 still bound together issues, some foxing here and there but papers firm and crisp paper. The lot of 43.........................................$400.00


The paper that published the Mexican War news first! We have several Mexican War dated issues of the Daily Picayune of New Orleans that was published by George Kendall. George Wilkins Kendall, who founded the New Orleans Picayune in 1837, guided the newspaper for thirty years and built it into a powerful force in behalf of America's westward expansion. Kendall's vigorous editorials championed the cause of the infant Republic of Texas. When the Texas Santa Fe Expedition was organized in 1841, for the purpose of occupying New Mexico (then still under Mexican rule), Kendall left his editorial chair to participate - and was marched off to Mexico a captive for seven months when the expedition was overwhelmed at Santa Fe. A few years thereafter, when he accompanied American first war correspondent, reporting directly from the battlefront. His effective courier expresses brought the first news of each battle to an eager nation, including President Polk, who often read news of the war in Kendall's Picayune before hearing the same from his field commanders.

22806 - THE FIRST INFANTRY ARRIVES IN NEW ORLEANS VIA STEAMBOAT FROM ST. LOUIS ENROUTE TO MEXICO, ALABAMA TROOPS ON THE WAY ALSO, The Daily Picayune, May 9th, 1846. 4 page folio, article on Santa Anna's attempts on a revolution, troops near Vera Cruz, new of General Taylor's army at Vera Cruz, Alabama troops leave Mobile for the Mexican front, slave ads, fine condition, and early war issue.................................$45.00

22807 - NEWS FROM BRAZOS AND SANTIAGO, THE WAR SPIRIT AT MOBILE, The Daily Picayune, May 10th, 1846. 4 page folio, troops leaving for the Rio Grande, munitions leave New Orleans for the Rio Grande, mounted troops from Louisiana getting ready for combat, news from Brazos and Santiago in Mexico, fine, slave ads................................$45.00

22808 - GENERAL TAYLOR MOVES TOWARDS PORT ISABEL, The Daily Picayune, May 12th, 1846. 4 page folio, communications between Port Isabel and Matamoras cut, General Taylor heads to Port Isabel, he will cross the Rio Grande, news from the situation along the Rio Grande, slave ads included, fine.................................$49.00

22810 - REPORTS FROM GENERAL WOOL AT BUENA VISTA, MORE FROM MONTEREY, The Daily Picayune, November 27th, 1847, New Orleans. 4 page folio, a lengthy report from General Wool at Buena Vista about his operations there, reports from Monterey, fear of the Mexican people that when US troops leave they will be overrun by their own soldiers, slave ads, fine, old ink burn line no loss of paper, scarce late Mexican War issue...........................................$49.00

52701 - MEXICAN WAR 1846, CAMP NEAR VERA CRUZ, MEXICO, September 13th, 1847. Three page large letter to his Mother by Frank Wheeler in Philadelphia. Folded into a letter and addressed - straight line VERA CRUZ, black cork with cancellation stamp. 10 cents manuscript postage applied, noted received October 4th, 1847...he relates, we have arrived in August and have had a march to the National bridge which is about 35 miles from Vera Cruz...we escorted the train that took provisions to Colonel Huges' Battalion. When we arrived the soldiers were starved as their provisions had given out...the Colonel felt that there was soon to be a severe battle to take a fort that was on a high summit near the bridge, but when he arrived the guerillas surrendered...we had no tents on that march and slept on the ground in the rain each night...they are ready to leave for good on a march for the town of St. Ju about 17 miles away...glad to get away as it is hot here and people have the Yellow Fever...where we are going is in the mountains where it is perfectly healthy. He is writing on borrowed paper as everything is in a bustle as they prepare to leave in the morning, Frank Wheeler. An excellent letter upon his early arrival in Mexico, well written.............................SOLD






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