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Early Photography - Non Military 

, 1/9th plate ambrotype in full leather case of a young gypsy girl wearing a beautiful dress with ornate jewelry, fingerless lace gloves, and dangling long earrings. In one hand she has a tarot card. Choice condition. Dates from the late 1850's to 1864, a rare image..............................................................

12273 - A RARE 19TH CENTURY PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DUELING SANDBAR NEAR NATCHEZ WHERE JIM BOWIE FIRST GOT HIS FAME WITH HIS BOWIE KNIFE, Cabinet photo taken by the Augusta Photo Co., [Augusta, GA] c. 1875-85 showing the ferry crossing the Mississippi River near Natchez and the famous sandbar where Jim Bowie had his famous fight using his Bowie Knife to save his life after a duel went bad. Overall 5" X 8" on original mount with contemporary pen notation on verso: "Sandbar Ferry, Noted Dueling ground in the South." On September 19, 1827, both Bowie and Major Norris Wright attended a duel on a sandbar outside of Natchez, Mississippi. Bowie supported duelist Samuel Levi Wells III, while Wright favored Dr. Thomas Harris Maddox, both of Alexandria, Louisiana. About 16 men were present. Wells had also bought supporters, including Major George McWhorter and General Samuel Cuny. Maddox was supported by Colonel Robert Crain, Carey Blanchard, Alfred Blanchard, and several unnamed others. Wright was late, and had not yet arrived when the duel began the duelists each fired two shots, and as neither man was injured, resolved their duel with a handshake. As the duelists turned to leave, Bowie came forward to meet them. Seeing this, Maddox's friends ran forward to join the group. Cuny, who had previously fought with Crain, is recorded as having called out to him, "Col. Crane [sic], this is a good time to settle our difficulty." Crain fired, missing Cuny but striking Bowie in the hip and knocking him to the ground. Cuny and Crain then exchanged fire, with Crain sustaining a flesh wound in the arm and Cuny dying from a shot to the chest. Bowie, rising to his feet, drew his knife and charged at Crain, who struck him so hard with his empty pistol upon the head that it broke and sent Bowie to his knees. Wright appeared, drew a pistol, and shot at the fallen Bowie, missing. Wright then drew his sword cane and stabbed Bowie in the chest, but the thin blade was deflected by his sternum. As Wright attempted to pull the blade free, Bowie reached up, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him down upon the point of his Bowie knife. Wright died instantly, and Bowie, with Wright's sword still protruding from his chest, was shot again and stabbed by another member of the group. As Bowie stood, pulling the sword cane from his chest, both Blanchard brothers fired at him, and he was struck once in the arm. Bowie spun and cut off part of Alfred's forearm. Carey fired a second shot at Bowie, but missed. As the brothers fled, Carey was shot and wounded by Major McWhorter. The Battle of the Sandbar lasted more than 10 minutes, leaving Samuel Cuny and Norris Wright dead, and another four men - Alfred Blanchard, Carey Blanchard, Robert Crain and Jim Bowie - wounded. Crain helped carry Bowie away, with Bowie recorded as having thanked him, saying, "Col. Crane [sic], I do not think, under the circumstances, you ought to have shot me." One doctor reputedly said, "How he (Bowie) lived is a mystery to me, but live he did." The doctors who had been present for the duel managed to patch Bowie's wounds. Photo bright and clear, slight ink smear at top left corner dune at the time of inscription. A great early Sandbar photo..............................SOLD

1260 - DAGUERREOTYPE OF A SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN, This, ca. 1846 - 48, 1/6th plate daguerreotype in a full Dag case of a gentleman wearing a low-cut vest, has the subject classically posed - looking straight at the camera. Around the mat opening is a nice ring of tarnish and a few minor surface and edged abrasions. The glass has been replaced and the image properly resealed. Excellent plate contrast and real nice tonal quality. Some tarnish to the mat, from Southeast Virginia........................................................$100.00

1261 - DAGUERREOTYPE OF A MINISTER, well posed close-up 1/6th plate daguerreotype, ca. 1845. This gentleman has the look of a minister. There is a light ring of tarnish around the mat opening and several very minor mat abrasions. There is also a couple of brown spots. The glass has been replaced and the image was properly professionally resealed. It is housed in a leather case holding what appears to be an open Bible with large text shown on an open page. Mat style and clothing date this image to the mid 1840's. Originated from the Southeast section of Virginia. Nice early case.............................................$125.00

1263 - DISTINGUISHED MAN FROM VIRGINIA, this 1/6th plate daguerreotype, ca. 1848 - 50. of a full bearded man has exceptional plate quality with Abe Lincoln style beard. Very sharp image and rich tonal quality. The gentleman is seated in a statuary type pose. The glass has been replaced and the image resealed. It is housed in a full leather case. A wonderful image! A Southern gentleman that originated from the Southeast area of Virginia. An excellent example of early photography............................................$125.00

1264 - A SOUTHERN LADY, 1/6th plate daguerreotype in half case of a young woman, well-dressed dating to the early 1850's. The image is clear with just a trifle cloud spots at the edge. Originated from Southeast Virginia. A representative dag cheaply priced...............$45.00

1265 - A SUPERB SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN WITH A BLACK MOURNING PAPER MAT, artistic 1/6th plate daguerreotype, ca. 1844 - 45, by an unknown artist in a rare and desirable pass par tout paper mat. More often then not, the mat would indicate that the subject had died. The image is of an adult male casually posing for the camera; arm over the top of a chair. The plate has wonderful contrast. There is a nice ring of tarnish around the mat opening. The glass has been replaced and the image professionally sealed. It is housed in a full leather case. Image originated from Southeast Virginia.........................................$200.00

1210 - EARLY SAN FRANCISCO LEADER DAVID T. BAGLEY, 1/6th daguerreotype in a thermo plastic case. Bagley is seated holding his cane. Bagley was born in Louisiana and moved to San Francisco in February 1849. He was a member of the Society of California Pioneers in San Francisco, the California Guard, Public Administrator 1850 - 52, merchant, and mining secretary. He died at age 57 in 1878 and his home at 58 Liberty Street is a landmark today. The image is in excellent condition with just some minor tarnishing at the bottom rim near the mat. The mat is hand painted in gold filigree. A wonderful image of an early San Francisco figure of note................................................$695.00

1212 - EARLY SAN FRANCISCO LEADER DAVID T. BAGLEY, 1/6th daguerreotype in a leather case. Bagley is seated. Bagley was born in Louisiana and moved to San Francisco in February 1849. He was a member of the Society of California Pioneers in San Francisco, the California Guard, Public Administrator 1850 - 52, merchant, and mining secretary. He died at age 57 in 1878 and his home at 58 Liberty Street is a landmark today. The image has some rubbings but is clear and distinct. A rare image of an early San Francisco figure of note....................................................$250.00

, 1/6th plate daguerreotype in a half case. Extremely sharp view of a woman saying her rosary, wears a white bonnet. An excellent example of the first type of photography. Very fine.........................................

, 1/6th plate daguerreotype in a half case. The lady wears a fine knitted white shawl, very clear with no real detractions [rubbings] as usually seen on these dags...............................................

1217 - DAGUERREOTYPE OF A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, 1/6th plate daguerreotype in a half case of a young man with a short beard taken c 1850, some rubbing but clear and distinct. An inexpensive example of the first method of photography...................................$45.00

1218 - DESCENDANTS OF GENERAL FRANCIS PICKENS OF SOUTH CAROLINA, a trio of three ambrotypes taken approximately 1860 - 65 in Pensacola, FL of the granddaughters and great granddaughter of South Carolina General Francis Pickens descended from the daughter of the General, Anna Pickens Simpson. One 1/6th plate ambro. is the great granddaughter of Pickens, another 1/6th plate ambro. is a granddaughter, and the 1/4th plate shows both granddaughters and the great granddaughter, all posing in their antebellum dresses. All are completely identified with short biographies tracing them to Anna Pickens. All in very fine condition and sold as a grouping. A nice grouping of Antebellum images originating from a famous family. The trio are identified as seen in the 1/4th plate as, left Leah Reemer Simpson, daughter of John Simpson and Anna Pickens Simpson [daughter of General Andrew Pickens], center Anna Pickens Simpson daughter of James E. Simpson and Henrietta Elizabeth Bright, [great granddaughter of General Andrew Pickens], and at the right Rebecca Calhoun Simpson, daughter of John Simpson and Anna Pickens Simpson, granddaughter of General Andrew Pickens]. The two 1/6th plates are of Anna Pickens Simpson and Rebecca Calhoun Simpson. An accompanying note gives more detailed biographies on all three women. The group of three........................................$495.00

, tintype in a CDV sleeve taken by Pear Type Gallery, Petersburg, VA. The young girl is identified as Annie Prichard. Nicely tinted especially the large doll. Circ. 1870, very fine......................

1213 - EARLY FLORIDA TERRITORY JURIST BENJAMIN DRAKE WRIGHT, 1/6th plate ambrotype in a half case, waist up pose. Wright was born in Wilkes Barre, PA in 1799 and came to Florida during the Territorial period [1823] and married Josefa de la Rua on February 23, 1828 in Pensacola. He served as an Alderman in Pensacola and then Mayor of the City, collector of the Port, Territorial Federal Judge, and Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. Despite his busy professional life, Wright also edited the Pensacola Gazette from 12 March 1834 through the end of the Territorial period in 1845. He owned the paper through 1839. He again returned to his Pensacola business interests and law practice. He became president of the Alabama and Florida Railroad in 1856. He served on the 1865 constitutional convention, but never again served as an elected official. He died on April 28, 1874. He had several sons that served the Confederacy including Henry, John, and George Wright. John died at Shiloh in 1862. He was briefly incarcerated during the War but released. The ambrotype is somewhat dark but details are distinctive. A scarce image of a early Florida Jurist..........................SOLD

, 1/9th plate daguerreotype in a full case. Young boy of about five seated, cir. early 1850's, in a full leather case. Very sharp and free from defects, much clearer and sharper than our photograph. Rare content..................

1216 - THE GRAND DAUGHTER OF GEORGE WALTON SIGNER OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, 1/6th plate daguerreotype in half case of Octavia Walton Le Vest who was the granddaughter of Signer George Walton. Old note of identification has been on the image so long that it has erased her dress and left only her neck up view. The note states that she was in Pensacola in February 1826 to be the bridesmaid of Josefa de la Rua who married Benjamin Drake Wright who became a famous Jurist of the Florida Territory and a Mayor of Pensacola. The image was taken c 1848..........................................SOLD

1219 - CAPTAIN GEORGE WASHINGTON WRIGHT, 1ST FLORIDA RGT. AND 6TH ALABAMA CAVALRY, three images all ambrotypes. First is 1/4th plate ambrotype of George Washington Wright and his bride Margaret Bagley taken in Covington, LA, in 1860 at their wedding. Included are two 1/6th plate ambrotypes, one of George Washington Wright in civilian clothes [1859] and his wife Margaret which is dated 1863. Included with the images is a letter Wright writes to his sister Louisa regarding his upcoming travel plans for his wedding in Louisiana [March 1860]. Wright was the son of Benjamin Drake Wright who was a Florida Territorial Jurist and Mayor of Pensacola. Included is a copy photo [modern] of Wright in Confederate uniform as an officer in the 6th Alabama Cavalry. Three images and the letter...................................................SOLD



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